Miesse Fest


David Miesse

David Miesse was a friend to so many and for such great reasons.  He lived every bit of his life to the fullest and was warm, inclusive and enthusiastic with every interaction and every person.  His humor, intelligence, honesty, and compassion made him a genuine and loyal friend.  David's love of family, friends, music and a good party were only matched by his distaste for doing things like everyone else--he was a true, authentic individual.  David's life was cut short after this third bout with cancer--he was only 35 when he left us. Even though he left us far too soon and his path was unfair and difficult, David's exuberance was never hindered by his experience with cancer.

David's love of music was vast--he could play any instrument he was given and wouldn't pass up any opportunity to join in on a song or drum circle.  As a way of acting on his love of music, David was an active and original member of Harmony Project--serving and singing were his gifts to the community. David often said, "rock it steady!"  This phrase didn't just apply to his take on music, but it was emblematic of how he lived.  There was only one version of David, he was always present, positive, engaged and looking to make those around him happy.  

David is survived by his wife, Victoria Windsor, and an endless circle of loving family and friends.